lifestyle FAQ


How do I officially book with you?

A fifty percent deposit is required once your date has been set. Once this deposit has been received by Madison, your session is officially booked! 

How does the payment process work?

I accept both card and check - whatever works best for you!  

Can you further explain travel fees?

If the location is outside of thirty miles from me, a small travel fee will be applied. For specific locations, please inquire (here).

How does the consultation work?

One to two months before your session, I will email a consultation form to you. Thoroughly filling this form out is to your benefit! The more detailed you are, the better.

What is the turn around time?

Your full collection will be delivered within two weeks.

What if it rains on the day of my session?

I closely watch the weather, keeping myself & you updated. If rain is looking like an issue, I will notify you & we will reschedule for the next available, sunny day!

What if I want to include props?

You most certainly can! Props are taken care of by my clients unless I have something already that you are interested in using. Props such as florals, need to be ordered at least one month before your session.

Can you further explain the “holiday card” add on?

After your collection has been delivered, we will chat & you will fill out a small, online consultation so that I can further understand your vision. I will then design it for you. After I have confirmation  from you, I will then order & deliver the holiday cards to you. This service is seventy-five dollars + the cost of the cards. Seventy-five dollars must be taken care of at the consultation. The cost of the cards must be taken care of before the order is placed.

further questions.
I am here to make this entire experience as perfect as possible for you! If you have any further questions or comments, always feel free to send those my way. Even if you feel like it is a “dumb” one. Seriously, there are no dumb questions. I am happy to help - just click here.