Your Journey - Authentically Captured

your journey - authentically captured


connection, creating an experience, honoring your moments in the most honest & authentic way, allowing you & your people to look back on this sweet season years from now, tears streaming down your face, holding hands, the laughs, smiles


This is Me

I am based in the south, with a heart for travel. Telling your story in the place that it was written really inspires me. Getting to know & understand what makes you, you, allows me to celebrate the honest & organic moments that you live. Easy connection is what I base my work off of! We’ll end up being besties by the end of it all!

Here’s a little about who I am -

  • marrying my dream boy in November 2019!

  • my friends call me M, Mad, Madi

  • Jesus is my heartbeat

  • enneagram type 4 babyyy - I really value individuality

  • Mondays are for the Bachelor (watch party anyone?)

  • one day I will have an airstream camper & travel the west coast in it (bucket list!)

  • Target is my love language (lol but really..)

I can’t. wait. to get to know more about you & honor the story that you celebrate daily!


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Q & A


How long have you been doing photography?


I fell in love with this art form, early 2017. It’s been my passion ever since! In that time span, I have photographed well over 40 weddings & endless amounts of lifestyle sessions. 


Why do you love what you do?


The people - plain & simple. Everyone brings a different story & outlook on life! I love connection, creating authentic, true-to-you work, celebrating some of life’s best seasons, knowing that this is where my Creator wants me.


What drew you to photography?


Honestly, photography found me. I’ve always been artsy / creative, but the thought of being able to give people their moments (in the most honest & authentic form) to look back on is really fulfilling! I feel so blessed to be in a career that I love dearly, surrounded by the most amazing clients.