This is Me

I'm a lifestyle and wedding photographer, born and bred in the south. I've got a thing for thrift shops, antiquing and traveling. Here are a few more things for that favorites list: bashing on every season of The Bachelor (you know you do too), coffee on the daily, the band needtobreathe, off-the-map adventures and my cutie boyfriend Zack. Jesus is my main man - he keeps me going.

Photography was a hobby that very quickly turned into a passion. Being 21, taking this gig full time seemed unrealistic. I definitely didn't leave it there though - I drenched the possibility in prayer. Not long after, God gave me such a breathtakingly beautiful moment in His presence that I'll never forget. This is exactly where I'm suppose to be. This is me!

Being in a world surrounded by people like you, that begin as clients and end as friends fills my cup to overflowing. Listening to your story, and working together to create something unique is what I am so. here for. 


Being cookie-cutter? Not a fan. My goal is not to get you perfectly posed. I focus on details, the "in-betweens" and "right-before's," those "dance when no one is looking," unseen moments. I have come to find that the best moments are the ones that you feel most YOU. It is your story to tell through the images that we create. Let's be real.

I want to capture the good stuff. The stuff that leaves you speechless. The stuff that you will look back on years from now, thinking "dang, that was a good time in my life." The stuff that you will want to share with your kids and grands one day. The kind of stuff that gets you caught up in the feels. So let's capture that.

Shoot me a message & let's set up an adventure!

- Madison



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